Audiences respond to No Ordinary Sheila


No Ordinary Sheila went on general release in cinemas around New Zealand on Thursday October 19. On October 20 responses from audiences around the country started rolling in. Read on for what people are saying about the film, and if you'd like to make your own comment go to the Contact page.


“Thank you for introducing us to a national treasure and for the great gift of knowing how to make her life touch ours. I doubt I will ever forget Sheila.” Donna T.


“Thank you, thank you for making NO ORDINARY SHEILA, absolutely wonderful. What a special woman. How marvellous that you decided to do the film so we too could have an insight into Sheila's life. Absolutely loved the bit about she and Janet Frame sharing their dreams as young women and Janet's assessment of Sheila, she was not far wrong!” Sue S.


“It was a wonderful story … about an extraordinary woman, with whom I think everyone - male and female, could resonate. It is a Great New Zealand story.” Dan T.


“I thought your tribute to Sheila just beautiful, on so many levels. I saw the film on Friday at the Lido Hamilton, and I took my husband today! Second time round I was even more struck by what a rare and unique person she was! So untouched by our 'Kardashian World' of today. I'm English and came to New Zealand 10 years ago....and the qualities in Sheila are what I love most about this beautiful country.” Jane B.


“We're just home from seeing No Ordinary Sheila and loved it. Brilliant in every way - thank you for making such an inspiring film!!!" Ginny W.


“We went to see ‘No Ordinary Sheila’ over the weekend What a delightful film. We saw it at the Bridgeway, and there was a good audience who all loved it. What a wonderful character she was, and she just lit up the screen. It’s a wonderful tribute to her and a real ‘feel good/feel proud ‘film. Well done, and thanks for a lovely afternoon’s entertainment.” John B.


“Saw film twice at Waikanae last week. Have been raving about it ever since.”

Isabel R.


“Congratulations on No Ordinary Sheila! We thoroughly enjoyed it … Loved all the shots of the South Coast. The shot of the ferry bouncing up and down in the waves was almost hard to believe! I can’t imagine taking such a journey. Also, of course, thoroughly enjoyed the highly interesting and engaging leading lady, her story and the way the whole thing was put together. … Towards the end of the film, after Sheila had lost Gilbert, as she was sitting in her home at Owhiro Bay wearing woolly cap, heavy jumper and half-gloves, I thought, “Somebody please turn on the heat for that nice lady!” But that’s more of an immigrant's perspective, I reckon. Anyway, congratulations once more. You and your crew put together a first-rate, memorable work, and I’m very glad we went to see it. Well done.” Peter D.


“In this mad world the film is like life-affirming, bottled sunshine and I know of a number of folk who will be very pleased to see the DVD, for themselves and as gifts.” Barbara C.


“Thank you to everyone involved in getting this EXTRAORDINARY film to the screen. I saw it last week at the Tannery, Christchurch and noted the audience's reluctance to leave at the end.

Very impressive. A stunning, uplifting film. A tonic (for me entering old,old age) and a great added treat to the last election result. We need to celebrate what we have and respect it. I am at last reassured that New Zealand has not lost the plot. Valuing our treasures plays a large part in that. With every good wish. Thank you for this delight.” Delyse L.


“Could you please advise when DVDs of this movie will be available? I work in Pastoral Care with aged care in Australia & saw it on a recent visit back home to NZ – loved  it – congratulations  on this wonderful production, what a woman!” Liz S.